Saturday, March 20, 2010

These Boots Video

Dear fucking lord in heaven. I dead...

Much thanks to corpse_in_snow at LiveJournal for pointing this out to me. I NEVER search for "Boys Next Door," so I may not have ever found this. Dear god. The makeup! The youngness! THE FUCKING BEAUTY!

Dear...lord. SO cheezy, yet...

Okay, so I started this damned blog to organize my NC weirdness and to show how much I respect him. I do, I really, really do...but omg...CHEEZY HOTNESS! OMG!



  1. Hahahaha. I saw this on Nick Cave fixes, I laughed so hard, I about fell out of my chair. I think it's the hearts that do it for me.

  2. My reaction to this was pretty much "haha, makeup". I am really anti-makeup for some reason, and it's not a "dudes shouldn't wear it" thing--I don't wear it either. It's nice to see them so young and uhmmm, misplaced looking, though. It's funny seeing Nick try to be all GRR and intense with music that just doesn't suit it at all.

  3. Plus this video proves that Nick Cave was, is and will always be a horrible dancer. Horrible in a great way, but still.

    "What the hell is he doing? Is that supposed to be dancing?"

    - A friend to me, while watching "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The videos"

  4. I didn't know it was on NCF. Oh, well. I love his horrid dancing. Dear god, hahahaha.

    And Jamie, I only recently started wearing any makeup at all, but only cover-up and powder to minimize my huge, gargantuan pores. I see people with faces caked up and I wonder...what do they really look like? Haha.

  5. Oh thank you for that.

    Yeah he is a horrible dancer, funny that there is not much difference between the 70s and now, he still dances as horrible as he does in this vid *giggles*

    I really love eyemakeup. Luckily I don`t need powder etc. because my skin is too pale for nearly every colour sold.

  6. I just think eye makeup looks dumb outside of like. . .certain uses in artful photography, or something (I'm thinking of a Diamanda Galas picture where the effect is really striking, for instance). I guess I'm weird though. Shrug. Overall I'm not gonna say too much about it because I'm no longer at the age where it's funny to hold me down and paint my face; I'm not gonna tell people what to do with theirs.

  7. I think Bowie's videos for the Outside-era singles ruined me. On the right guys, HOT. On douchey emo snot-noses, stupid.