Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Green Shirt of Flippin' Genius

I can't believe I never shared these here! I have failed you all horribly as a fellow Black Crow Kinglet! I am ashamed to have forgotten to share the wonder of these with you.

I found them on some radio website, and I've been OBSESSED with them for over a year. No, really. The second one was my wallpaper for MONTHS. Well, I edited it so Nick had a Burger King crown, and Robert Downey Jr. in Mickey Mouse ears replaced the guy beside him (NO, REALLY).

Seriously, the photos that end up being my favorites, whether they're pictures of Nick or Tom Waits, tend to be...well...douchey, unprofessional, weird, and random. For example, my favorite picture of Tom Waits EVER is THIS. See what I mean? Totally douchey and hilarious.

Anyway, to Mr. Cave. NOTE: These pics are big, so click 'em.

I don't know which is better...the blatant badass rock/sex god-ness of this:

Or the wonderful douchiness of this (note the lady in the background). Normally, I'd crop out non-Cave people, but the guy on the right just makes this photo even more brilliant. I would apologize for the file name, but you've all seen the Rhinocerous Hunting in Budapest clips, so it's fine.

Can I be honest here? I actually have that flip-off photo on my phone, and I use it as a wallpaper sometimes. You can't have a bad day looking at Mr. Cave doing that. It's impossible.

(Haha, the title of this post. Get it? *elbow-jab* Huh? Flippin'? Flippin' off? Pretty good, yeah? Har! I'm so witty!)


  1. I shouldn't have come on here during work hours.

    Sound # 1(upon viewing Mr. Rock God photo)

    Sound #2 (upon viewing title of er, 2nd photo)
    *choking, laughter, coffee out nose, more choking, more laughter, and the sound of my boss yelling "I bet whatever you're doing involves Nick Cave!"

  2. Haha. "Nooooooooooo. Who's Nick Caaaave?"

  3. Yes, everyone should know by now, this blog can be dangerous work/school viewing for a number of reasons. Haha. :D