Thursday, July 15, 2010

Songs to Hide From Mum

What songs would you NOT want your mum/mom to hear?

Think of the songs, from Boys Next Door, Birthday Party, Bad Seeds, Grinderman, etc., that would shock your mother and make her run for the nearest church. The dirtiest, slimiest, sexiest, most grittiest and irrefutably nastiest Cave songs you can think of.


So far, I've thought of:

"Black Betty" (the very energetic rawness of this would scare her)
"Hard On For Love" (cuz it's sexual and perverted)
"Jangling Jack" ("too bloody and violent and LOUD!" she'd say)
"John Finn's Wife" (just think about it.)
"Loverman" (she would think, "this is dirty white noise!"}
"No Pussy Blues" (because it has the word "pussy" in it)
"O'Malley's Bar"
"Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree" (again, think about it)
"Stagger Lee" (we should all agree on this one)


  1. Oh no chance for mum knew Mr.Caves music before i was even born and went to a lot of 80s and early 90s concerts where he was still drinking a bottle of whisky on stage (I am nearly 25 ;)). She is the same generation as him and it seems to be hard to make them run away with nasty art because they seem to be up to every trick, hehe. That would be like playing the songs to Mr.Cave himself trying to shock him *giggles* One of her favourite songs is O`Malley`s Bar and she thinks that Hard On For Love is a bit foolish :D But I like it that she also knows him, so I have somebody with whom i can talk about him in my family, which is great :D

    But i can think of a lot of songs i never would play to my grandma if she would understand any English - which she doesn`t, but I think she would fall off her chair only because of the way it sounds, which many people do, even some of my friends ;D

    I think "She`s Hit" is a (grand)ma-shocker as well as "Mutiny in Heaven" and "Six Inch Gold Blade", of course I agree with "Stagger Lee" and I would say that "Scum" is not the best one for my granny ;D

  2. One monday morning, I was feeling pissed and cranky and so those are always O' Malley's bar monday mornings. I was just listening in my room when I opened the door to go to the bathroom and the door to the linen closet is open right in front of me and I close it and there is my mother, right when the lyric "And my dick felt long and hard" plays. She looked at me and said "I don't want to know", turned around and left. lol

  3. incredible. XD

  4. Nothing I listen to shocks my parents anymore, granted they've never heard Stagger Lee, but that my provoke some sarcastic comments from my father and a "oh that's real nice" from my mother.

    My father listens to Leadbelly, and I remember that he didn't care for Cave's interpretation of it, at all.

    Not to toot my own horn, but I have a new blog devoted to songs about murder: check it out if you want.