Friday, August 27, 2010

Heathen Child GIFs

The things boredom makes me do, I swear. Should be safe for work, unless Nick Cave spinning around in leopard print underwear and gladiator garb is offensive.

The flaming fart (and some of the horrible other ones with about five frames) would have been better, but I had a program cap everything and apparently the program found certain scenes unworthy of capping.

They get bigger if you click them.

In other news, I HAVE MY GRINDERMAN TICKETS for the Seattle show. Also, still no Cave Uncut here in the States.


  1. I am much happier than I was 10 seconds ago, thanks!

  2. Hey, this is seriously creepy(:
    also I have to thank you, it's because of your great blog that I found out about the Uncut articles and bought the magazine right away!

  3. You really made my day! They are gorgious! My fav is the last one of course :) P)

  4. Love it, especially the first and last one! :D

  5. Haha, we all love the bootie. Are we pervs, or simply admirers of true beauty? Let's say the last so we don't all seem super creepy. :D

  6. Awesome gif's, what programme did you use?