Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video Request?

I have a favor to ask of you all. None of the "save youtube videos" type websites are working for me. Could one of you upload, to some megaupload/yousendit/etc., the "Heathen Child" video? Preferably in .avi format, but .mpeg is okay too? (.flv if nothing else)

Would totally be grateful.

Nick Cave says, "please?"

(pic gets huge when you click it)

I see...a Gladiator outfit and leopard print undies in my future!


  1. thanks for the pics, I love the first pic and I think I only had a smaller version with a watermark. :)

    I've uploaded the video (I got the flv file from youtube and converted it in AVI):

    I also have 200 HQ screencaps from the video, I'll upload them too if you want them.

  2. I use a free Firefox extension called Download Helper (link) - it downloads audio & video from lots of sites, not just from youtube, and it works fine for me!

  3. Anonymous, that's what I used to have...I was trying to remember what it was called. Thank you!

    And Caroline, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hoards the video* I actually wanted it as an .avi so I could cap it. :D I love capping stuff, so even though I'm sure you did an obsessive job like I would have, I'll pass on those and delight myself with way too many caps of my own. Thank you so much for uploading the video. :DDDD Seriously, my night has been made. HURRAH!

  4. Caroline, I didn't realize your caps were HQ. I want them now! Does the offer still stand?

  5. Yes, I've just uploaded them.
    I said "HQ" because the images are 1280x1024, but I made the screencaps from one of the embedded videos that I put on full screen, and the original size of the video is much smaller, so they look a little "widenned" (but they're not too blurred). Also, the progress bar of the video player is visible.
    Anyway, here is the link: