Saturday, October 23, 2010

New(ish?) B&W Portraits

I do not remember where I found these, sadly.

Oh, and Laura, who I love, just pointed out this great video interview:
TADA! Thank you, and you are awesome in an epic way. :D


  1. Thanks for the video! I'd read something about this particular interview on a French site. Sounds like the journalists were kinda bitter or something. Anyway great interview and Nick looks stylish!

  2. Haha, "democracy's retarded." :D You are welcome, awesome lady!

  3. I know it isn't technically politically correct, but I really overuse the word "retarded". Seriously. I use "douche" and "douchebag" way more often. Too many douches, so little time...or something. :D

    I just got my Tom Waits tattoo and oh my lord, IT IS AMAZING.

  4. Post a pic dammit!
    Also I'm from Boston, we are raised to say wikkid retahded and I can't help it.