Monday, May 18, 2009

Elbow Deep in Baby Crap

I realize I may post videos you've all seen before, but as I started this blog first and foremost as a way for me to keep track of things as *I* find them...enjoy. :)

Nick talking about being a new father (obviously awhile ago) from Face the Press:




And thanks to a lovely friend of mine on LiveJournal, this was pointed out to me. Henry Rollins talking about the greatness that is Grinderman:


  1. I remember seeing that Grinderman thing. . .Henry looked like he was having so much fun. His Nick Cave impression is terrible though. Ahaha.

  2. Terrible, but still flat-out amusing. :D

  3. I wish the shows Henry Rollins does would stop getting canceled. I was sure Nick Cave would appear on his IFC show eventually, but no, no more Henry Rollins Show. :( He should've had him on to talk about The Proposition or something, God! I'm really curious to see how they interact. I remember an article from '97 where they both wrote about each other and how they met. They met when Nick still took a bunch of drugs, haha. So Henry was around doing pushups in the living room while Nick and others were doing uhh. . .let's say "less healthy things". And Henry is always so enthusiastic about people he admires, even when he apparently knows them on a friendly level. I love it.