Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get Your Waterworks Runnin'

I can't stop listening to The Boys Next Door's "Shivers" lately. I just think the lyrics are absolutely FANTASTIC. I don't even want to know how many times I've listened to it this past week or so. It is so bloody fantastic. It's heart-wrenching and his voice is wonderful on it...guh.

Question time! Which N.C. songs get your waterworks a-runnin'?

I also must mention my favorite N.C. song, "(Are You) the One..." because...COME ON! LISTEN TO IT!

But yes..."Shivers" is aptly named. We've all seen these, but I can't help it:

Awww, awkward youth!


  1. It's funny, every Nick song from BND -> Grinderman makes me insanely happy because they're just so good, and yet some BND and some BS ones do make me cry at the same time --sometimes just because they're so overwhelming!

    A few that spring to mind (in approx. chronological order)
    Boys Next Door - After a Fashion
    Bad Seeds - In The Ghetto (I can't help it!)
    - From Her to Eternity
    - The Carnival Is Over
    - Sad Waters
    - Your Funeral My Trial
    - Stranger Than Kindness
    - Long Time Man
    - The Mercy Seat
    - New Morning
    - City of Refuge (acoustic version)
    - The Ship Song (can't help it!)
    - The Train Song
    - Loom of the Land
    - When I First Came to Town
    - I Let Love In
    - Nobody's Baby Now
    - Almost EVERY track on the the Boatman's Call :D
    - Right Now I'm a-Roaming
    - Oh My Lord
    - Sweetheart Come
    - Good Good Day

    And there are some others, like TBS doing "Knockin On Heaven's Door" live in the 80s.

    Wow. That was way more than I planned writing down! :D

  2. Laura, that list was AMAZING! And I loooove his version of In the Ghetto! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely list. :)

  3. not in chronological order :
    - plain gold ring (live in Seattle in 1998)
    - knocking on joe
    - mercy
    - watching Alice
    - slowly goes the nigh
    - a grief came riding
    - no more shall we part
    - the loom of the land
    - your funeral my trial
    - sorrow's child
    - straight to you
    - christina the astonishing
    - when i first came to town
    - i let love in
    - ain't gonna rain anymore
    - bless his ever loving heart
    - most of the songs from The boatman's call (especially Brompton oratory and Idiot Prayer)
    - the sorrowfull wife
    - we came along this road
    - darker with the day
    - cannibal's hymn
    - messiah ward
    - spell
    - shoot me down
    - Time Jesum Transeuntum
    - Avalanche (tha amazing version at a Leonard Cohen tribute concert in 2006)

  4. Maybe some of the songs are not "typical ones" to start howling, i think its because of personal memories sometimes and because some stuff is simply soulshaking to me and the performances are so overwhelming...

    The absolute number one: Stranger Than Kindness (You can fill a paddling pool when i put everytime i heard that howling my ass off together :D)

    Boys Next Door

    -Friends Of My World
    -Shivers ;)

    Birthday Party

    -Jennifers Veil
    -She`s Hit
    -Say A Spell

    Bad Seeds

    -The Mercy Seat
    -The God Son (Especially live at the Paradiso 1992)
    -There She Goes My Beautiful World
    -Straight To You
    -Sundays Slave
    -Far From Me
    -The Weeping Song (haha :D)
    -Loom Of The Land
    -Jesus Of The Moon

    I`m Gonna Kill That Woman
    Hey Joe
    In The Ghetto
    Wanted Man

  5. To Be By Your Side always gets me howling and if it's accompanied by the migating birds video on youtube, I can't even finish watching/listening to it because the tears are streaming down my face!
    Also Shivers sung by Rowland always sets me off.