Sunday, May 3, 2009

POTM & Chickoose King

A friend of mine was sad. I said, "picture Nick a chicken suit...wearing moose antlers." She laughed, but I made this just to solidify the greatness of the image:

Changed the photo of the moment a few days ago to this:

If you scanned this, let me know.

Also, an amusing photo I found during random internet searchings. I called this one "Redneck Fuckfest". If you are in this photo and are not Nick Cave, I apologize. But's called antiperspirant/deodorant. He looks right amused by this lot.

My layout cuts this off. CLICK HERE to view the shitkicker on the right.


  1. The two guys in green in the last photo are Martyn P. Casey and Ed Kuepper...

  2. Thanks! They were not the rednecks, by the way. The background people - creepy.

  3. you idiot
    ed and marty as mentioned and psarandonis and his son, musicians invited by the bad seeds to play at the atp festivals in australia, january just gone...