Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nick Cave Holiday Challenge

When I have money, I will buy you a Nick Cave-related gift if you win this challenge. In the event that more than one person ties, I will put your names into a hat and draw. I will probably make a super stupid video of me drawing the name.

This contest is only posted here. I don't want to spend money on some random person on LiveJournal who never stops by the blog. I want to give one of YOU something quaint. And I overdraw my bank account constantly and can't afford to eat at McDonald's, so you KNOW I love you all for this. :D

Yeah, but what's the prize? That's cheating! It's going to be worth around $50 and I'm paying for whatever it is out of my own poor pocket. Just because I'm an idiot so loving.

To eliminate possibility of cheating, send all answers to ziggy_star(at symbol)


State where all the Nick Cave references in this collage come from (or as many as you can). I can't stop you from googling, but it'd be super lame and un-holiday-like if you did, so don't. Plus, if you do, you WILL go to hell or be eaten alive by rabid ferrets.

Click for bigness.


State (in the same email) what the following things have in common. It may help to have all the albums out so you can think easier. In the event that you come up with something I didn't, I'll probably give you partial credit. But if you're like, "they were both written by Nick Cave," I WILL ridicule you publicly and send Santa over to your house, and he WILL fart on you.

Here's an example of what kind of things you should be thinking about. If I said:

The albums Murder Ballads and The Best Of, the answer would be, "both albums have a painting as the cover art". Or, if it was, "What do the songs 'From Her to Eternity' and 'The Good Son' have in common?" it would be, "both are the title tracks to albums." Get it? Pretty simple. These are NOT hard, and you SHOULD have the albums within reach.

1. The albums The First Born is Dead and The Boatman's Call
2. The albums No More Shall We Part and Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus
3. The albums Let Love In and From Her to Eternity
4. The albums Let Love In and Birthday Party's Prayers On Fire
5. The albums Tender Prey and Birthday Party's Mutiny
6. The songs "Stranger Than Kindness" and "From Her to Eternity"
7. The albums Let Love In and The Boatman's Call
8. The albums The Good Son and Dig!!!, Lazarus, Dig!!!
9. What is the connection between Henry's Dream and Tender Prey, in regards to Live Seeds?
10. The album Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus and B-Sides
11. The albums Kicking Against the Pricks and Best Of
12. The albums Grinderman and Kicking Against the Pricks


Send me, in your email with the above answers, a list of all Nick Cave/BP/Grinderman related merchandise you have. Seriously, I don't want to buy you something you already have. I mean EVERYTHING, cuz who the hell knows what I'll buy you. Give me a HUGE list of all the posters, CDs, books, pictures, clippings, shirts, g-strings, vibrating flower pots, etc. that you own. Related to Nick Cave, I mean. Duh.

Send to ziggy_star(at symbol) by, like, January 5th or so.


  1. Yeah, I so hope I didn't make it too hard. When I had all my albums out, it seemed fairly simple. Let's hope so. :D