Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Nick Cave New Year

Don't forget to take part in the Nick Cave Holiday Challenge. No entries yet, but by January 10th at the latest, have your answers in. You don't have to answer everything.

It's almost 2010, and to are ten of my favorite lesser-known N.C. pictures from throughout the years. You've probably seen some of 'em, but they're some of my favorites for sure. They were received from all over the place, so if you see scans of yours you want credited, let me know. Click for big-ness, and ENJOY!

Have a WONDERFUL and safe New Year. Remember...

1. Cherish your memories.

2. Take time to dance.

3. You are beautiful.

4. You need to remember to breathe.

5. You deserve a break.

6. Sometimes you've never seen the whole picture before (seriously, when I saw this, I was's the whole picture! It's usually just THIS).

7. It's okay to forget where you are sometimes.

8. Sometimes, be the only one in the room who takes time to notice.

9. We all have our good side.

10. Sometimes, it is okay to wear/say/do embarrassing things. LAUGH at these things.

BONUS: Remember THIS picture:


  1. Re: Holy crap the whole thing

    I love you. =)

  2. And don't Nick's thong sandles totally do it for ya? ;)

  3. Ahaha, I just noticed them. My brother went through a thongs/flipflops stage. I don't get it, personally. Maybe I walk in them wrong or have delicate feet or something. I went out one day in them and they left the insides of my toes all miserable. . .

  4. I just remember wearing cheap ones when I was little and they turned my feet BLACK. URGH. They're hideous. Come on, Mr. Cave. Really? But I find it human and a bit endearing.

    Why aren't you ringing in the new year? I'm waiting for midnight so I can apply for next year's financial aid. JOY. The first song I'm playing (I think it was the same last year, honestly) is "Jangling Jack". Freaking love that song. Then it's on to Tom Waits' "Goin' Out West".

  5. I sat in front of the TV for new year, that's about it. I just happened to be on the computer then because I had to pass it for something, and fuck knows I can't resist its pull.

    I've been a bad music fan lately, haven't listened to anything yet. . .oh well.

  6. thanks for the pics :)
    there's a few I had never seen before.

  7. thanks for this...I really laughed :D and this is an amazing blog ;)
    greetings from Ena from Croatia