Saturday, December 5, 2009

POTM: Classic Portrait

Finally changed the photo of the moment. I was randomly searching and found this, which I had NEVER seen before, so hopefully none of you have either. It's relatively HQ, which is difficult to find in the Nick Cave world.

He looks like he's either thinking, "please...this is ridiculous," or "if I try to look like a sad puppy, maybe someone will hug me."




  1. Daaawwww.

    Randomly, it reminded me of these commentaries I saw him doing. I borrowed these DVDs of music video directors and two of the directors did a NC&TBS video. And there was a musicians commentary bit and he was so grumpy in both! On both he was all "I don't like making music videos, we didn't really agree on any of these" etc., etc. It was funny.

    The more I see of him in public the more weirdly afraid I get of meeting him. I mean he is a ~musical genius~ and everything and I can see (hear?) that and I would love to meet him. But at the same time I have a horrile feeling he will bite my head off or something! I don't know, maybe it's just me.


  2. I'm just intimidated because I admire him so much, and I don't want to just say what everybody else says. When/if I meet him, I want to stand out, but in so doing, I'd probably come up with saying something I only THOUGHT was original when it really wasn't. I've decided that when/if I meet him, I'll talk about the mustache book we all made and sent. THEN I'll talk about how I love him and just ask for a hug or something.

  3. I was so afraid of him when I met him (I too thought he'd bite my head off for some reason), but he was really nice even though I acted like an awkward asshole because of my nerves. He's very sweet and understanding with fans. And seems to like giving out hugs. Do not be afraid!

    In person you realize...hey, he's a regular guy. Just like, way taller than a regular guy.

  4. I didn't meet him meet him, but he did come off as very sweet and approachable. You know, if he wasn't surrounded by people. =P

  5. Awwww, that's good to hear, Jamie! :D

  6. I'm worried that if I ever met Nick Cave, I'd puke on his shoes, or do something equally embarrassing.