Saturday, April 10, 2010

Top 50 Cave Songs: Yours

What are your top 50 Nick Cave songs?

Songs can include anything done with The Bad Seeds, Boys Next Door, Birthday Party, Grinderman, special appearances, soundtrack work, etc.

Try to rank them, #1 being your favorite, all the way down to #50. I want to come up with a list of what some of us(we?) random fans really love.

Post your choices here (in order), and I'll post all the results. I also need to finally post some mixes and work some more on the mood theme.

Ciao! (wtf?) I'll post mine sometime this weekend.


  1. Wow, I thought that fifty songs would be easy . . .

    1. Tupelo
    2. The Mercy Seat
    3. Into My Arms
    4. There is a Kingdom
    5. New Morning
    6. Deanna
    7. Brompton Oratory
    8. Carry Me
    9. From Her to Eternity
    10. Loom of the Land
    11. Idiot Prayer
    12. Mercy
    13. Jack the Ripper
    14. Six Strings that Drew Blood
    15. The Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane
    16. Mutiny in Heaven
    17. Little Empty Boat
    18. Hard On For Love
    19. Train Long Suffering
    20. There She Goes My Beautiful World
    21. (Are You) The One that I’ve Been Waiting For?
    22. More News from Nowhere
    23. Fears of Gun
    24. Henry Lee
    25. Long Time Man
    26. Thirsty Dog
    27. O’ Children
    28. Lucy
    29. Depth Charge Ethel
    30. We Call Upon the Author
    31. The Ship Song
    32. She’s Leaving You
    33. Up Jumped the Devil
    34. City of Refuge
    35. The Carny
    36. Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
    37. Let the Bells Ring
    38. Sad Waters
    39. Dig Lazurus Dig!
    40. Shine on Me
    41. All the Pretty Little Horses
    42. Saint Huck
    43. Far From Me
    44. Come Into My Sleep
    45. Supernaturally
    46. The Curse of Milhaven
    47. Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree
    48. Rye Whiskey
    49. Knoxville Girl
    50. Do You Love Me?

  2. I'm not particularly big on early Bad Seeds stuff, so most of mine is from The Good Son onwards.

    1. Stagger Lee
    2. Hallelujah
    3. Straight To You
    4. Nobody’s Baby Now
    5. Death Is Not The End
    6. He Wants You
    7. Where The Wild Roses Grow
    8. Wonderful Life
    9. More News From Nowhere
    10. Into My Arms
    11. We Came Along This Road
    12. Babe, You Turn Me On
    13. Red Right Hand
    14. There She Goes, My Beautiful World
    15. People Ain’t No Good
    16. No Pussy Blues
    17. Song Of Joy
    18. Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
    19. (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?
    20. And No More Shall We Part
    21. Get Ready For Love
    22. Bless His Ever Loving Heart
    23. In The Ghetto
    24. Henry Lee
    25. Easy Money
    26. Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?
    27. Nature Boy
    28. Oh My Lord
    29. The Ship Song
    30. Disco 2000 (Pub Rock Version)
    31. As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
    32. Do You Love Me?
    33. Lay Me Low
    34. Lament
    35. I Had A Dream, Joe
    36. Foi Na Cruz
    37. Hiding All Away
    38. Dig Lazarus Dig!!!
    39. O Children
    40. The Kindness Of Strangers
    41. Love Letter
    42. Supernaturally
    43. The Weeping Song
    44. Babe, I’m On Fire
    45. Lucy
    46. The Curse Of Milhaven
    47. She Passed By My Window
    48. We Call Upon The Author
    49. Right Out Of Your Hand
    50. Abattoir Blues

  3. Hey I'm doing my own top 50 because of Uncut magazine thing but it's not just a big list I'm writing about each song too which could be a mistake but I've started it now. It is a bit different take because I'm cutting the all "The Best of" tracks like here's some other songs to listen to. Come over have a look and I'll love to know what you think.

  4. 1.Do You Love Me?
    2. People Ain't No Good
    3. Love Letter
    4. Papa Won't Leave You Henry
    5. Babe, I'm On Fire
    6. The Mercy Seat
    7. I Let Love In (I have this tattooed on me
    8. Wanted Man
    9. The Singer
    10. The Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltraine
    11. Jennifer's Veil
    12. Release the Bats
    13. Kitchenette
    14. Come Into My Sleep
    15. Opium Tea
    16. O'Malley's Bar
    17. The Carny
    18. Deanna
    19. Jack The Ripper
    20. Red Right Hand
    21. Loverman
    22. Lament
    23. Form Her To Eternity
    24. Black Crow King
    25. The Birthday Party
    26. The Ship Song
    27. Stagger Lee
    28. Henry Lee
    29. Stranger Than Kindness
    30. Brother My Cup Is Empty
    31. Mack The Knife
    32. John Finn's Wife
    33. The Weeping Song
    34. Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree
    35. Palaces of Montazuma
    36. Thirsty Dog
    37. Loverman
    38. Curse of Millhaven
    39. 15 feet of pure white snow
    40. Hiding all away
    41. Midnight Man
    42. Sad Dark Eyes
    43. The Good Son
    47. Idiot' Prayer
    48. We Call Upon The Author To Explain
    49. Far From Me
    50. Swampland