Saturday, June 5, 2010

Babe, I'm On Fire GIFS (Part Two)

The next post is going to be something more akin to the huge batch of original Kicking Against the Pricks stuff I posted a bit ago.

For now, as I prepare to start celebrating my weekend, here are some more "Babe, I'm On Fire" gifs I keep forgetting to post. The first batch IS HERE. Oh, and Blixa ones ARE HERE.

Using a weird site to host these, so hopefully they work.

If you click them, you can see better-quality another window that is rather annoying, but at least not overrun by ads.

The king of strange, spastic dancing.

Milking a kangaroo?*

The thumbs-up sign is super badass, apparently.

Blixa attempting to impale Nick with his guitar.

Sadly, he dances better than I do.

Oh, a birthday party...haha. Clever. ;)

Don't remember the character, but I love this.

Aww, a sweet little goth!

Most horrible moth ever.

The clever circus flea is hypnotic.

This one particularly gets better when you click it.

*there's a ZITS comic strip where the main character, Jeremy, is preparing for a dance. His friend says he looks like he's milking a kangaroo. Just if you thought I came up with that...nope.

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  1. I opened this page while listening to Hasil Atkins' "She Said". The "Thumbs Up" one moves perfectly with the rhythm of the chorus.

    Uh, yeah, there is really no point to that statement.