Saturday, November 27, 2010

Letter on Behalf of All of You

To be thrown up to Nick tomorrow. I hope you all are okay with what I chose to say on your behalf. I wrote this can read...

Dear Nick,
This is on behalf of all the fans who could not send me their thanks in time or, as some admitted to me, were just too nervous to include their own notes in this project.

I have, through your music, met many of your fans and know them to be some of the most creative, unique, thoughtful people I have ever known. I get emails from them through my blog, and the words they have to say about you, the art you create, and how important you are to them is beyond beautiful. I thank you on their behalf for touching their lives, for being there for them through some insanely dark times (and the good times too), and for making their lives more beautiful and complete with every word you so selflessly give to the world.

Thank you so much, and do know that your fans truly love, respect, and appreciate you.

Your Fans

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