Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Upcoming Cave Interview Book!

If this new (yet unauthorized) Cave book is anything like the Tom Waits book, Innocent When You Dream, it will be awesome. It sounds like the same thing, which is a book comprised mostly of interviews WITH NICK from throughout the years.

EDIT: Mat Snow is the guy who apparently "Scum" is based on.Because of that, think about if you want him to have your money or not. It's between Cave and Snow, but yeah...

Gonna be honest...the title scares me. Sounds like tabloid fodder. We shall see.

I preordered it; it comes out January 11th and you can preorder it from Amazon HERE. I will let you all know the verdict when I get it, but it sounds good, if it's all past interviews and what-not.


  1. And compiled by Mat Snow too - I wonder if he's still on Nick's shitlist?

  2. Oh,god, maybe I don't want it now. I didn't remember that.