Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do You Love Me? Wallpaper

(God, I love this blog. Best idea I ever had. Why NOT share my obsession with people who get it?!)

I'm still chuckling over the emo Birthday Party bunny. It is TOTALLY Mr. Cave in rabbit form. I smell a Bunny Munro conspiracy! Haha.

Anyway, at this insane hour of 5:38 a.m. (I am a night owl bat to the extreme), I couldn't decide which still from "Do You Love Me?" I wanted as a wallpaper. Therefore, I made this and decided to share. Mind you, I can't make very good wallpapers, but it looks quaint on my computer. (faux-innocent "NC? Attractive? I never noticed." face) Feel free to share across the 'Net. If you all like, I will make and share more later on.

Click for full-size (NOTE: 1024x768 pixels):


  1. *thunk*
    I've got a new desktop, thank you! :D
    ROTFL love how you included "Nicole" there on the side :D :D

  2. Sweet! You are very welcome, and I shall be sure to make more.

    "Nicole" I missing something? I didn't know "she" had a name! :D

  3. Holy crap! I just saw on your profile that you like Carnivale. The show?! I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH!!! That and Lost...well, and House, but holy crap. YOU RULE!!! Plus, I love Nick Stahl. :D And Clea Duvall.

    Have I annoyingly asked you yet whether you have a LiveJournal? You probably actually have a life and don't have one. ;)

  4. wow, I'm an idiot. Nicole/Nick. DUH.

  5. Ahhh! You love Carnivale as well?! It is my favorite show of all time, hands down. I am completely obsessed with weird old (mythological) America - partly why Nick Cave's stuff hit me so hard...shared obsessions and whatnot - and Carnivale is like total-sugar-high-overload of everything I love :D You kick ass! I never run across anybody who has actually SEEN Carnivale!

    No, I don't have a LiveJournal - I am totally behind the times. Between blogs and MySpace and DeviantArt I've probably reached my technomental capacity :D

  6. Oh and PS House kicks ass. Of course.

  7. Yes yes yes! I dream about being an actor in House...I mean, actual dreams. Hugh Laurie is gorgeous. *dies*

    And I am OBSESSED with old in the dust bowl days? PERFECTION. And I love creepy religious stuff = Clancy Brown's creepy preacher thing = YES. I could go on and on about that show. I bought it on Amazon as part of this special deal - brand new, each season for $15. WHAT THE HELL?! THAT IS AMAZING!

    I love books about freak shows and circuses and Katherine Dunn's Geek Love, this book called The Pilo Family Circus (I think), just anything about that whole kind of thing. and the ART of Carnivale - HOLY HELL! SO GOOD! I mean, I love all the characters so much...Samson and Lila and freakin' LODZ! And obviously management, who scared the HELL out of me a bit.

    I think my carnival obsession started when I first saw The Elephant Man.

    But Lost is my favorite show ever. Well, along with Carnivale. I also adore The Twilight Zone...ROD SERLING WAS GODLY. :D

    I'm not excited or anything. A friend is making me a personal site and I want the layout either old medical tools and x-rays (another obsession of mine - medical charts/drawings/etc. from days of old) or, like, different carnival things on each page. Like, the bally girls, the acrobats or contortionists, etc. OR just images from Carnivale, but that may make it look like a fansite, so probably old drawings and circus posters of different circus acts.


  8. Yes we are! (awesome that is!) :D

    Hugh Laurie is king. I remember when House first came on and I was going "Holy shit the tall dude from Blackadder?!" He has insane intense charisma!

    I've only seen a few episodes of Lost, completely out of order (I don't get a chance to turn on the TV much) but I can tell someday I'll rent every season resign myself to not leaving the house for a month :D
    And old Twilight Zone = pure awesome.

    I have to say I am loving that True Blood show as well. Southern-fried weirdness of any kind is right up my alley.

    But yes, Carnivale it the tops for me. The characters, the art, the story, the MUSIC...I too am obsessed (obviously) with every aspect of old carnivals, religious stuff, the Dust Bowl...everything that show manages to use to the most mind-chilling effect. I just want to go back in imginary time and travel around with them. And not get killed in some awful way, you know, just the fun stuff. :D

    Your personal site sounds like it will be totally awesome! Old medical shit is awesome. I've got this big collection of early 20th century medical instruments (honestly don't know where I got them but I think it involved liquor and somebody's garage) which strike me as alternately pretty and creepy :D

    I liked "Geek Love" but I'm gonna have to check out "The Pilo Family Circus" - I haven't read that one! Sweet!