Friday, June 26, 2009

Allow Me to Adjust Your Tie, Sir

You've prob'ly seen these, but oh well. I felt like posting some beauty.

First of all, I've had a new Pic of the Moment for a little while and forgot to mention it to you all.

Moving along...duh, click for full-size. :D

No tie, but who cares?

Oh, and remember the clippings I posted HERE and HERE? This is from that same set of clippings. It's like the first pic linked to above, but he's not looking at you in this one. I still need to scan all the other stuff. Let this keep you company until then.

Cave Nose is lovely.


  1. OMG! I don't recall ever seeing the one with the teacups :) May I ask where you located that stunner?
    That top one has always been one of my absolute favs. Saint Nick :D
    Thank you!

  2. I honestly have no idea where I got that BP-ish photo with the teacups, honestly. May have been while googling for "nick cave photographer" or just random googling. Sorry! :/

  3. It's what I call "Nick Cave Google Image Search Roulette!" *displays jazz hands*

  4. NC Google Roulette = awesome. Basically, it's true. Usually, you don't find anything you've never seen, but sometimes (like what I'm about to post, which is AMAZING), you find something that completely blows your HOW did you never stumble across it before?