Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nick Cave Plate at Goodwill

I love the LiveJournal community, thrifthorror. I just posted an entry there [THIS ONE], and it included this plate:

Mr. Cave shows up in the strangest places. I may have to go back and buy this thing.


  1. I just have to say, I love this blog, soooo much.

  2. that makes me so bloody happy! SERIOUSLY. I was scared to start this thing because a.) I thought what I found amusing Cave-wise would not amuse others, and b.) I thought there were already enough very good Cave blogs. Apparently, the weird humor / randomness here is my niche! Thank you so much! :D

  3. And your Virgin Mary/etc. art projects in your blog - SO BEAUTIFUL! You should send something to Mr. Cave. :D

  4. Ahahahahaha!!!
    You must buy it.

    I used to live in Portland, and I always found The. Weirdest. Shit. at Goodwill.
    Sadly, back here on the East Coast there are few amusing thrift horrors. :D

  5. That's what I've heard. Maybe people on the east coast have better taste. I wish you still lived in Portland - then we could hang out! :D

    I don't have ANY money at I think I'll have to make due with the picture of the plate. *le sigh*

  6. Send something to Nick Cave? I'd be far too terrified that he'd hate it and send it back. Although I'm sure he's received stranger gifts than say, a box covered in Virgin Marys. Thanks for the complement though, it made me smile.

  7. I read that post of yours on ThriftHorror and it made me LOL so hard that I joined the comm.

  8. To edienippoli,

    YES!!! I am going to post more pics of atrocious finds within the next day or so. :D

    I found that community a few weeks ago and thought, "WHY have I never found this before?!" That comm is gold! :D