Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Win That Bunny Suit!

Just to make sure none of you miss it, if you go to sign up for email updates at the Bunny Munro site, you are entered for a chance to win the bunny suit pictured on the cover.

Who WOULDN'T want that?!

Sign up here:


  1. That Bunny suit is just the thing I need for a "hanging around the house" outfit.

    Anyhoo...here's some scans courtesy of me finally getting a cheap beat up copy of "The Birthday Party and Other Epic Adventures." Thought maybe you hadn't seem some of these before since the book's so hard to find in the US!

  2. Laura...you own my soul. Take care of it well. The "OH GOD" one...holy hell...and is that Mr. Cave with his trousers down?!

    Most of those I had NEVER seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I've been meaning to ask if you have a LiveJournal at all...?

    And the Bunny Suit...I would totally wear that around my house and post loads of annoying youtube videos of me wearing it. :D

  3. Posted under wrong login before...

    my bad.

  4. You're welcome! I am glad you enjoyed them and hadn't seen some of them. I will surely be popping by with more from time to time!

    I think "Oh GOD" is my fav (as um, witnessed by the fact that I managed to use semi-coherent titles for the rest of them but lost it by the time I got to that pic).
    And yep, that's Young Nick with his trousers down. Classy right from the start! :D

    No, I actually don't have LiveJournal...between blogs and DeviantArt and MySpace I ran out of electronic brain room so I never started one :D