Monday, June 22, 2009

Fan Art

I enjoy Nick Cave fan art. He has a very fan art-worthy face.

Here are some of my favorites from deviantart:



THIS cracks me up

Red Right Hand


THIS is full of awesomeness

And if you're bored, find all the NC references in THIS

Sorry for boring text links. It's late...I'm awake on an Amp energy drink*, and I felt like being random. Have some fan art or know of some elsewhere? I would like to see!

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  1. Haha forgot about the non-linkage again!

    I love:
    This series

    These dudes set out to illustrate all the tracks on "Henry's Dream" - pretty neat!

    And, while I occasionally doodle Nick's shoes, the closest I've ever come to fan art is:

    This painting

    My rendition of the "Tupelo" shack. Minus the accuracy, rain, and plus a ferris wheel. For...some...reason.

  2. Because ferris wheels are AWESOME! My faves on deviantart have categories, and one is all carnival stuff:

    HERE. I hate my name there - it's from a Boy George song. Do not ask. Haha. :D

  3. Oh, and I had seen those Henry's Dream things because someone posted them at the forums. :D

  4. I'm a huge dork and always hope that people will start doing non-caricature fanart more. . .but no, pretty much all the ones I see are very stylized. Y'see, I have this RP character. . .=P Here's a couple of Nick and PJ, but I don't think it looks like Nick at all. I still like them for some reason, though.

  5. Ooh I love your carnival favs! I want to dress up like the girl in "courtship" and go wander around a carnival like "unsettling" :D

    Jamie those are beautiful! Very classy and emotional and art deco-ey looking to me :D

    I have this totally bizarre project I'm working on that is meant to be a relic from ATASTA...I'll have to post pix if I ever finish it. My fan art is...abstract apparently :D

  6. Jamie, I LOVE those! They are so freaking GOOD! Do you have any more art online anywhere? Seriously, they are FANTASTIC! I totally see the Polly and Nick-ness in them, though, yet I do love that you've made them your own characters.

    I like caricatures and all, but I agree that non-caricature ones are awesome too. :D

  7. I didn't mean to make you think those were mine, oops! They're just pictures a friend found a few years ago. I can't draw at all. Shit, I can barely write legibly.