Monday, June 15, 2009

June 13th Live Photos

I told you guys [HERE] the 'stache was gone!

When he first grew the Magical 'Stache of Doom, I thought - WHAT is THAT?! Then it grew on me (well, actually, it grew on HIM, but...). Now...his lack of Magical 'Stache confuses me.

You can view about 20 photos from June 13th HERE, complete with cold upper lip.

Egads! More from June HERE. Score!


  1. Nice!
    Thanks for the links - I hadn't been able to search for many 'stacheless shots yet. It seems some jobs disapprove of me sitting at my desk searching for photographic evidence of some rockstar dude's lack of mustache on the internet. Pff. :D
    He looked good with the 'stache, and now, magically, he looks good without it. Damn him!

  2. I know! He looks good no matter what - the bastard! ;)