Sunday, June 7, 2009

50 Posts : 6 Big Pics to Celebrate

50th Post! (not that it's that many)

To celebrate, I have included five SIX (I like the number six better) of my favorite LARGE pics of Nick. I am always disgruntled that there aren't many (any?!) wallpapers of him. So, to ease my woes as well as yours, here are five pics that are a.) lovely and b.) big. Click to view 'em ginormously.

Nick Cave means serious business - just check out his shirt. You don't mess with a bloke wearing a keyboard on his chest.

I love the whole "Euchrid's Room" series, but this one, which I believe I scanned from the Nick Cave - Stories book, is my favorite.

[photo removed by request]

I called this one "Oh Christ". Apologies for the fangirl title. (From Fish in a Barrel):

This is one of those pictures that I don't remember finding, so it could be yours. It says the magazine it's from at the bottom, but I can't quite make it out. Anyway, I love this photo because it's just so personal-feeling to me. Definitely one of my favorites of all-time.

When I found this one, I freaked out like Miley Cyrus getting a proposal from a Jonas brother:

Finally, the photo I always try to stop using as my wallpaper but can never really get away from. I have another version just as big, only he's not looking at the camera. Anyway, I have tried so many times to stop using this as a wallpaper. Whenever I change it to something else, a week later, I miss it. So here it is for all of you (usually I see it way smaller than this). Again, click for ginormity.

If you have any huge, big ass pics of Nick, share away!


  1. I just had an obnoxious fangirl moment at my desk - I have to stop visiting this site during working hours.
    I've never seen the 2nd to last pic - thanks for making my day!
    I'm also considering incorporating more keyboard motifs into my wardrobe. People keep telling me not to, but Nick's eyes are clearly saying "Well I did it and look how I turned out. I don't have to tie MY trousers with bits of string anymore!"

  2. SERIOUSLY. Haha. About the keyboard thing, I mean.

    And I freaked the FUCK OUT when I saw that second to last pic the first time. I have no idea where I found it, but a.) it's fucking amazing, even though the Sears Photo Studio pose is a bit odd, and b.) not only is it GORGEOUS, it's HUGE! So often, I'm like, "gaaaaah, why is that photo so small?

    I totally just fangirl-ed out AGAIN. :D

  3. I've been going nuts trying to find a real-size version of this one photo - which pops up pretty quickly when you search Nick so I'm sure you've encountered it - it's b/w and Nick's leaning in some fancy looking alcove wearing a vest and looking generally mysterious. It's about the size of a postage stamp and I've never found a bigger one damn it!

    Anyway, I scanned some stuff, here are some pics you may not have seen...

    Great expression:



  4. CRap I always forget blogger doesn't auto-link. Oh well cut and paste, sorry! :D

  5. HOLY FUCKING CRAP, LAURA! You should have warned me about those...just...OH DEAR GOD. DEEAAAAAAR GOOOOOOOOOOOOD. *faints* I always feel like saying, "by the way - I think he's talented too, buuuut..." but people here KNOW I think he's I shall just say...


    And how long is Nick's hair in the photo you're looking for? Yes, I am weird and have my photos of him arranged by hair length...OH WAIT! I think I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a whole FOLDER of them called "Euchrid's Room," from the same set as this one:

    Let me upload and I'll post a whole entry for you.

  6. Okay, it like this:

    Or this:

    Cuz I have a folder of the latter.

  7. Hahaha, don't you just love that moment when you click on a link and are smacked in the face with some giant and unforgiveably gorgeous picture of Mr. Cave? :D

    You know, I've never organized my photos because I do believe it would take me days to get through them all, and by then all the Nickness would have caused a fatal short circuit in my brain's pleasure center, and then where would I be, tisk tisk.
    HOWEVER - funny you should mention the hair thing, because I refer to my "Nick Cave Hair Timeline" for nearly all temporal questions.

    Thanks so much for helping, you are awesome! Actually, I found the photo I was thinking of and oh-so-seriously wish was bigger :(
    Nick in an alcove
    I think my fascination with it is half he looks beautiful and half why have I never seen this pic anywhere else.

    Oh yeah, and he's uh, talented. Just slippin that in there.

  8. HOLY FUCK! I have NEVER seen that ANYWHERE! I'm assuming you checked the page you found it on and saw if it mentioned a photographer.

    What search engine do you use?! THAT IS INSANE! WTF!!!!

    Organizing my Nick pics took seriously hours and hours. It was nuts.

  9. Oh, and Laura, if you have more pics to share...I would LOVE, you've no idea. But you do. :D

  10. Oh I'll definitely have some more to share! :)

    Yeah, sadly with that tiny one there was no info - I don't think the page even mentioned Nick, it was just some totally random leftover thumbnail that showed up in Google Image Search (which is what I use). I used to have occasional hours to kill at work and determined the best way to spend them was Googling Nick :D I used a lot of combos like Nick Cave Birthday Party, Nick Cave Boys Next Door and that tends to pull up some rarer pics if you can stand flipping through long enough :D

    Amazing though how many people named Nick have their birthday parties in caves.

  11. The people in caves thing bugs the HELL out of me!!! That and the soundsuit guy.

    I use google images too, but never seen that.

    Also...I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. I'll have to make sure I keep posting stuff too. :D